Felipe Gustavo

Front-end Developer

I’m a frontend developer, work with software aimed at ecommerce and education, using web technologies as HTML5, CSS3 and SASS, JavaScript, React.js, Redux, Jest and Enzyme, Single-SPA, Bootstrap/Materialize and tools as Gulp.js, Webpack, Git/GitHub and Firebase.

Always focused in building responsive user interfaces with faithful reproduction of design, working with the UX team to optimize the software’s usability and functionality.

At the moment, I’m focused in get in-depth knowledge about libraries and frameworks architecture, in micro-frontends and to build software with quality and performance.


  • Fundamentals: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ES6+++.
  • CSS Related: SASS/SCSS, Styled Components, Bootstrap, Materialize.
  • JavaScript Related: React, Redux, Next.js, Single-SPA (Microfront-end Framework).
  • Testing: Jest, Enzyme.
  • Template Engines: Nunjucks, Liquid, Markdown.
  • Methodologies: UI Design, Responsive Design, Scrum.
  • Tools: Webpack, Gulp.js, npm, git, GitHub.
  • Static Site Generator: Jekyll, Hexo, Gatsby.
  • Others: OpenCart, Firebase.